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Timber Buildings – Cabins and Installations

Abwood produce and market an extensive range of unique styles of timber buildings at our premises in Wicklow and Carlow, often working with our customers to design their perfect building.

Abwood have been building timber homes for over 30 years.

Our timber homes can be custom built to your own specifications. We build everything from small units suitable for home offices, teenage retreats, utility rooms etc. to dwelling houses and larger buildings.
A wooden home can offer you the home of your dreams without any compromises, and is a lot faster to construct, more economical to run as it naturally requires less heat to keep the house warm over those winter months.

The homes we build are beautiful, unique, energy efficient and cost effective to run, and are constructed in accordance with current Building Regulations

To give you an idea of what we can do, simply get in touch and we can show you some of the homes we have built as well as demonstrate the endless flexibility you have when designing your home. We are happy to quote you on your own proposals on receipt of a drawing.


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