TGV Planters

Timber garden and patio planters, pots and containers for your home and garden. At abwood homes we have a large selection of timber garden planters for sale. We also have raised beds of all shapes and sizes. Ideal to display decorative plants or grow vegetables. Tall rectangular planters can be very useful and a great way to enjoy your gardening.



TGV planters are perfect for growing flowers in a compact garden or even making a larger attraction in your garden than the standard flower pot. Our planter boxes are made from high quality timber and pressure treated for extra durability .

Our wooden planter boxes come in three different sizes;

Size Price
50cm x 50cm x 43cm €178
65cm x 65cm x 53cm €200
46cm x 105cm x 43cm €280

We also understand that all gardens are different. Please get in touch to enquire further about the specifics of what you are looking for!

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